Robert Blue Moon- Cosmos

Title : Cosmos
Release Date : 2016
Format : Digital Download

Currently Robert Blue Moon Is working on His Debut EP “Plexus Solaire” set to release in late 2016, his EP is described as an “intergalactic crash of the Boom-Bap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Indie, and Funk influenced by the cosmic spirits of past legends”. To kick off the release of his Debut EP is the single titled “Cosmos”, A song that is a story of a young, intelligent African-American boy who desires to change the world one day through science, a boy who is in tune with the world around him; he feels the very vibrations of the soil underneath his feet, the weight behind the words people speak and sees the light many try and seek and the darkness behind the smiles and the pain in the streets. This young boy is not feeling the world but being felt by it, that coupled with the fact that his upbringing is one many wish to never see, he feels that his only getaway from it all is to look way above him and imagine himself flying into the night sky and finding peace within the depths of the “Cosmos”.

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