Menlo Black- Freqtime

Title : Freqtime
Release Date : 2016
Format : Digital Download

In life there are many times where you look back. The equation of distance traveled multiplied by challenges faced should always lead to retro and intro-spection. Time moves so fast and when you realize how fast it all moves it can cause you to “freak out” a little bit. So in spite of everything this song encourages you to move forward, because time will stay silent and march forward regardless. In Crvscxnt Moon we value art and the creative process, putting artist integrity in the center of our goals. We bring a completely different mindset to the genres of rock, indie, hip-hop, and gospel. Music should be a unique experience, so we push the topics of our lyrics and the tonics in our chords in order to leave an impression on our listeners. Our music tackles issues like love, relationships, ethnics, ethics, and society.

Copyright © Crvscxnt Moon 2016
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