Kwayzar was born in Lagos, Nigeria. At a very young age, he moved to the U.S in 1999 & resided in Orlando, FL until his departure to attend college in Tallahassee. He is now a recent graduate of the Florida A&M University. Unlike other members in Crvscxnt Moon Kwayzar is a Photographer and Graphic Designer and fashionisto of a high caliber and he is now the CEO of Electric Eye Photography. He calls his camera the electric eye. Just as people say the third eye opens with spirituality, he believes his third eye is his lens. It allows him to capture all energies, simple or complex. This member has shoot amazing work that has been published and continues to use his skills in and outside of Crvscxnt Moon. Furthermore Crvscxnt Moon hopes to bring the Art of the Electric Eye to a national stage, his keen eye brings to life the very music crvscxnt moon attempts to make their audience feel but with him they will see it as well, the other three may bring the Sound but he brings the visuals.

Kwayzar provides all of the Crvscxnt Moon Visual’s